Together We Stand

Super Rad Art Jam is deeply committed to bringing the community together through art, culture and education. With many events offered each year that are open to the public, members of the community have the opportunity to interact with artists, take classes and have one of a kind art made.

“With Super Rad and everybody involved, they were able to really break down a career of an artist. I learned how to set up canvases for galleries as well as being professional in a gallery setting…I am very thankful for everything this Art Jam has offered and I will give as much time needed to show my gratitude. Thank you so much for making me feel a part of something special. LOVE YOU ALL!”  — Devon Stevenson

“Mural Jam was an incredible experience and an opportunity to interact with other artists and community members, and I was able to participate in many great and new experiences. This includes painting in such a large scale and in public. I usually paint in acrylics, so it was interesting to talk, observe, and learn from artists of other mediums such as artists who use aerosol and even oils to create their art. Art is art: it comes in all shapes and sizes and mediums. Some may believe aerosal art is just vandalism, but one only needs to look at the pieces that were created at this year’s Mural Jam to understand those are real and beautiful pieces of art made by real and talented artists. I’m thankful for Super Rad for putting on Mural Jam and being so active in our community, reaching out to artists of all ages and all mediums.”  — Mindy Mazza, 17, Mural Jam 2016 Winner and Scholarship Recipient

“I showed all through high school with Super Rad. I’m so thankful that there are people like Super Rad. Because of you guys, I was able to really put myself in a professional setting. Every year I looked forward to the Super Rad show with the same excitement as Christmas. Thank you all so much for supporting and encouraging the growth of artists and creativity.” — Mary Carman

Latest Community Activity

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